Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Missing People & Why We Don't Make Sense

The human mind is a very curious thing. I'm sure my prior posts have given you at least some insight into mine, and that - as hard as it may be to believe - is not as strange as it gets. This might be somewhat shocking, but maybe if you take a seat and a few deep breaths, we can get through this together.

Now then, it has been brought to my attention how insidious missing someone is, you don't realize that it's happening, and you might even be doing so conscious effort to NOT do so. And yet, you're just sitting there, and BAM! You realize that you do miss that person, and that you wish you could see them again.

The annoying thing about this is that sometimes you have no idea why you'd miss them in the first place. I mean, there are some truly horrible people out there - I don't mean that we tend to miss the horrible ones only, but bear with me. There are people with whom you've shared some truly unforgettable (at least for you) experiences, and then for some reason or another, they're no longer as close as they used to be. It brings pain and annoyance, not only because of the sudden breakage, but because you're driven to reflect upon the incidents of old, the ones you associated with happiness and positive feelings.

I suppose that is one of the reasons why over-thinking is a horrendous thing, as it tends to bore into your mind, and analyze everything you've seen, done or heard, then it proceeds to tell you how badly you've messed up everything. It is entirely possible that you haven't done anything bad at all, but your brain cares little about what you've actually done, or even what other people might've perceived your actions/words as (that's a completely different beehive), but rather what it thinks your actions signified.

Dammit, I know that the brain is a terribly good organ, does the most annoying things sometimes.

Interestingly enough, your brain is also what tells you that you miss that person, after it eruditely expresses how that person absolutely and completely messed you up. But, I think that's an easier question to answer; I think you miss those people because of the simple factor of nostalgia, you're brought back to a time when things were going well for a change, when you thought 'You know, the world really isn't that bad of a place', or when you thought that you'll have those people around you for the rest of your life.

See, this brings me back to a point that I quickly tackled in a prior post; that of realism and averaging out. A realist would tell you that nothing good ever lasts, and there's plenty of proof to back that claim up, but life shouldn't be about good things lasting, it's about enjoying the good things, and cherishing them, but not wishing them back. I know that it's a very delicate balance, one that is very hard to strike.

One must always remember; these people were in your life for a reason, and now they're not, also for a reason.

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