Sunday, March 25, 2012

On Privacy Of Thoughts

We live in a curious world; one where the honest portrayal of feelings and emotions is frowned upon. We're encouraged to be secretive, to keep our emotions and thoughts to ourselves. We all do it, thinking that we don't want to be a burden upon others, we don't want to bring them down with our own sadness (or, alternatively, don't want to flaunt our happiness in their less-than-fortunate faces), and so we keep to ourselves.

Problem is, this is also combined with the revelation that 'No One Cares'. It is hammered quite intensely during several years, that no one really gives a damn about those thoughts and feelings you have. 'Everyone's got their own troubles, and they're not exactly keen on having yours added to the mix' as someone once told me. This just reinforces the concept of humans becoming thought islands, forbidding in their remoteness and almost inaccessible.

It saddens me, especially as someone who's inherently socially inept. I understand why some people would find it hard to share such things, but instead of being encouraged by the behavior of those around them, the idea is reinforced by the constant drive to keep everything under wraps. No one cares. These are your problems, not ours.

I also keep wondering why that's becoming the case; is the drive towards individuality to blame? Have we sought independence in thought so strongly that now we see these thoughts as permanently ours, not to be voiced or shared? It is interesting, especially when you look at various artists - those who actually could fear for their thoughts and inspirations and worry that they might be stolen - constantly share those thoughts with their audience.

So, if those do it so freely, why can't you? Sure, you might think that people don't care, and you might even be true about some of them, but someone out there does care, and they want to listen, and share those experiences and feelings with you.

Find them. It's well worth your time.

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  1. First of all let me say that I was blown away by this blog post. I am on the people who is hunted by the thought that I might be dumping my thought to an uncaring ears and hence I never do. I know that the need to share could actually shape how a person feels but its important for us to find someone who truly cares cause once we do this person could really affect us from inside out. Keep up the good writing.