Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Thoughts (I)

- Few things rival that feeling, when nostalgia creeps up your spine, and finally reaches your eyes. There's then this faint squeeze upon your eyeballs, and before you know it, you're all teary-eyed.

- More often that not, I can trace where a relationship has gone wrong back to an exact phrase or expression. It is not a good talent to have.

- Relevant to the prior point: I spent the entirety of my teenage years wishing I had a time machine to rectify mistakes in my exams, or in conversations with my parents. I often went to sleep wishing I'd wake up to repeat the prior day. I was a weird kid.

- When I was reading Half Blood Prince, I could feel my face grow red when Harry kissed Ginny. It was not lust, it was a feeling of jealousy that I'd never experienced in real life. (You can get the Forever Alone jokes out of your system now. Done? Good.)

- I rarely curse in Arabic, and when I do, I feel awkward afterwards. Same thing regarding dirty jokes.

- I have a very strong love/hate relationship with the internet. I love it, because it provides me with access to a great many things. I hate it, because it reminds me that stupid people still exist.

- Youtube comments are where basic human common sense goes to die.

- I can listen to people for ages, but I can only talk for brief periods of time. I usually don't have a lot to say, unless I'm telling a particularly interesting story, and most of my stories aren't that interesting.

- I think I take criticism well.

- I once committed an actual crime. Three guesses as to what it might be.

- If you try hard enough, you can actually see colors simply by imagining them, without even having to close your eyes.

- I'm a fan of smiles, laughs and brains.

- More often than not, excitement gives way to anticipation, giving way to fear, which eventually gives way to hatred. The human brain is funny like that.

- Seeing the good in people is much easier than you think. We're all human.

- Lust isn't immoral. We just fail to realize that curbing human desire doesn't mean to quench it entirely, but rather learning to embrace them at the right time, and in the correct form.

- Freedom is a cage, defined by others' freedoms. Shatter it, and chaos reigns free.

- That girl you're looking at right now wistfully, the one you're thinking of (or maybe even the one whose profile you're stalking on Facebook at the moment); she's not going to tell you she likes you, even if she does (and if she does, don't tell her that you were stalking her profile, man. Be smart).

- 'Easier said than done' must be the most annoying cop-out statement in history. (And also rather offensive to those who cannot speak)

- I give people relationship advice, then wonder why the hell would people listen to someone who's never been in a relationship.



  1. :) Parts of this remind me of a 2,000-word email I sent a new friend when we exchanged life stories & factoids (how sad is it that my life story fits in 2,000 words?).

    1. Hey, it IS a summary, no?

      Now I want an email just like that friend. :O