Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Necessary Useless List: Things I'd Like To Do (Preferably) Before I die

People usually do lists on their blogs, right? Thought I'd get with the program.

Here are a few things I'd be quite happy about them happening before my eventual demise (read: ascension to Valhalla and bro-ing out with Thor and Odin):

1 - Travel to seven different countries. Get hopelessly lost in one, have a life-changing epiphany in another.

2 - Be on the roof of a really tall building at sunset, stay there chatting with friends until sunrise.

3 - Wake up one day to nothing but the sea and the sky. Oh, and a book. Clothes optional.

4 - Punch someone. Doesn't have to be a massive one. Just a punch.

5- Be hugged lovingly by a child, and not just because I just gave them candy.

6- Write a best-selling book. Tease my nemesis endlessly about it.

         Addendum: - Get a nemesis.

7 - Jump off a waterfall. Hopefully not land in shallow water.

8 - Live long enough for someone to discover a drug that would make my parents live forever. And makes them respect my privacy.

9 - Listen to the Kings of Convenience while watching the Aurora Borealis dance its merry way across the Scandinavian skies.

10 - Meet JK Rowling. Convince her to write me into a Harry Potter sequel. Get Neil Gaiman to narrate the audiobook.

Bonus Round (or what it all really comes down to): - Grow old with someone, smiling at her smile, hold her hand and squeeze it reassuringly, have her rest her head on my shoulder on a long bus ride to a place we've never been to, taking a silly photo of her and pinning it to the fridge, losing a snowball fight to her, and maybe even have her read my words aloud to me.

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