Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanks, 2012


What a year, eh? Sure, the world didn't end (I still call shenanigans on that), but no one can deny that this was a particularly feisty one. I won't lie; I'm not particularly sad to see this year go, especially since its second half was nothing short of a disaster in all possible aspects, but still, I choose to believe that it could've been worse, and that is one thing to be thankful for.

Yep, thanks 2012, for not being an even worse year. Thanks for the roof above my head and the bed I sleep in at night. Thanks for keeping me close to my family. Thanks for letting me see them smile and be happy around me. Thanks for giving me the chance to hug my mom as often as I could. Thanks for the opportunity to hear my dad's voice, even if it's mostly chiding me for no reason. Thanks for the chance to hang out with my friends, and to see them happy with their loved ones. Thanks for letting me be by their side during the happy moments, and the sad. Thanks for all the stellar music that I got to listen to, and all the memories I now associate with them. Thanks for the movies, good, bad and average, that I watched on many a night as you went by. Thanks for letting me tackle a dream of mine, to write and see people around me all clamoring for their chance to write. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to buy a girl some flowers; it was fun. Thanks for the amazing books; the funny, the informative and the sad, they've all been a pleasure. Thanks for all the thoughts that have roamed the expanses of my mind, they helped pass the time. Thanks for the memories, too, even if I could've done without a few of them. Nevertheless, they've added to who I am, and hopefully that's not too bad a thing. Thanks for the chance to wake up early and see the sun spreading over Cairo's ragged rooftops, and for the chance to listen to the eerie quiet at 4am, when there's no one in the streets but me. Thanks for all the nice food, even if it tried its damnedest (and partially succeeded) to make me fat.

And, finally, thanks for letting me see people smile. It never gets old.

Well, what do you know...2012 wasn't so bad after all. Here's to hoping 2013 follows suit.

Happy new year, everyone. :)